300 Round League

St. Louis Bowhunters hosts a 300 League, starting each January. Our 300 League is held on Friday nights, starting with the first Friday in January and continuing for 8 to 10 weeks.

300 rounds are popular with indoor target archers. Normally, as the name suggest, you may score up to 300 points each full round. However, because Leagues are handicaped, the score for a round may exceed 300 points.

Targets are placed 20-yards from the shooting line. An NFAA 300 round consists of 12 ends shot at 20 yards distance. That means you’re up at bat 12 times. Each end consists of 5 arrows, so you will step up to the line shoot 5 arrows, score them, retrieve them and then do it again, 12 times. You have a choice of shooting at a 5-spot target or a single spot target (both targets shown below).

Single Spot5 Spot

Single-spot targets offer and advantage of being able to score points even if the arrow lands outside of the 4 ring. So the overall target is larger. However, the single-spot target may cause arrows to deflect off a previously shot arrow, causing it to land in a lower score and most likely damaging the arrow that was hit.

With the 5-spot target, deflection and arrow damage isn't a factor, however on these target faces, anything ourside of the 4 ring is recorded as Zero (0) points.

Without factoring in handicaps, 300 points would be the maximum, and the number of Xs would be used to break ties. So a perfect score would be shooting a score of 300 with 60 Xs. There may be times when the score and the X count is tied. These ties are sometimes broken by counting 'Inside Out Xs'. An inside out X is scored when the arrow is completely inside the X circle.
There are other ways to break ties as well.

  • Shoot off. The first person who shoots a score other than a X loses the play-off
  • Score Card play-off. The first person who shot a score other than a X loses the play-off

When placing a target up at the beginning of the round, usually you have a choice of which row to place your target on; the top or bottom row. The competitors for the bottom row of targets are the first line up to shoot. with the competitors for the top row of targets the 2nd line to shoot. With 300 rounds you switch your target after the 6th end, this is the same for leagues and tournaments. You will never tire of aiming at the same position. This creates a bit more of a challenge to the sport and everyone has the same advantage or disadvantage to where his or her target was placed during the round.

300 Round Scoring