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St. Louis Bowhunter Tournament Schedule

Outdoor Tournament Fees

  • Adults (18+) : $15
  • Youth (12 to 17) : $10
  • Cubs (11 and under) : $5

NEW FOR 2018! Our 3D shoots will be held at the August A. Busch Conservation Area. For more information check out their website.

Range Location

August A. Busch Conservation Area

2360 Hwy. D
Saint Charles, MO 63304

The 3D shoot will be located at the Field Archery Range located in Busch Wildlife.

You can download this PDF map of the August A. Busch Conservation Area to help you find the Archery Range once you arrive at the front gate of the area
August A. Busch Conservation Area Map

Here is a map to August A. Busch CA:

St. Louis Bowhunters offers five 3D tournaments yearly. Our tournaments have a trickle start, with registration running from 7:30 am to 11:30 am on tournament days.

General Info
Our 3-D course consists of 30 to 36 full sized animal targets distributed at various distances from each other depending on the terrain available. The targets are numbered starting at 1 and incrementing by 1 through all targets. Targets must be shot in consecutive order. Stakes, various distances from the targets, indicate the shooting position for different age and equipment classes. Distances are not marked, judging the distance from the shooting position to the target is part of the challenge. Range finders can only be used by those declaring before the round that they are shooting in a "known" class. Target sizes will differ depending on the type of animal. Targets will be at different distance from the shooting stakes. The distances may range from 7 to 50 yards. The larger animals are usually used for the longer distances.

Groups may be asked to start at a target other than #1. This is up to the St. Louis Bowhunter representative that is running the tournament. One archer shoots at a time. The order of shooters shall be rotated from target to target. Only one arrow is shot at each target by each archer. Courtesy demands that any chatter is stopped as an archer is at full draw. Ample space must be given to the shooting archer. A time limit of two minutes per shooter is customary. Discussion in regards to yardage is not allowed until all archers have shot this particular target. Arrows are not pulled until all archers have shot. In case of a miss one archer should stay in front of the target while others may look for the missed arrow.

Scoring is ussally done by a single designated scorer in the group. Another person should be designated to call out the scores for the scorer. The arrows are not to be touched until all agree that the scores are correct. The exact location to score on the animals is marked with indented lines on the body. While these lines are not visible to the naked eye to most archers, binoculars are allowed to determine where the vitals are. There are three scoring areas of differentiating scores on each target. The smallest center scoring area has a value of 12, the area surrounding that scores 10 and then the area outide of that scores 8. Anything outside of the 8 point scoring area, but still in the animal (excluding horns, hoofs or nose), will score 5 points. An arrow touching a line on the outside of and area counts as if it is inside the circle. Hoofs, nose and Horns count as a miss (0 Points). In order to score an arrow it must be stuck in the target. Shoot through or bounce-outs must be witnessed by the majority of the group to be scored. All score cards must be totaled and are to be signed by the archer and one other archer of the group before turning them in to the organizer.
3D Scoring

Archer Classifications

  • Open : [Male/Female] [Known/Unknown]
  • Bowhunter : [Male/Female] [Known/XTreme/Unknown]
  • Senior Open (50 to 59 yrs)
  • Super Senior Open (60+ yrs)
  • Traditional / Recurve
  • Crossbow Known
  • Young Adults (15-17 yrs)
  • Youth (12-16 yrs)
  • Cub (11 and under)(Competative/Non-Competative)